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كم نسبة اتفاقك مع هاد المثل🙂💔🌝😂 الدنيا مش ماشيه دغري إلا مع الناس العوجة 😮‍💨.•

الموضوع نسبي

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انا اعطيتك ١٠ وهو اعطاك ٢٠ طبيعي تفكر انه هو افضل مني لإنه اعطاك اكثر لكن انت ما بتدري انه هو معه ٢٠٠وانا معي بس ١٠ ، وبحجم عقلك افهمها .

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Wallah I don't care..

انا بحب اشوف الناس مبسوطه خصوصا لما انا اكون السبب في سعادتهم حتى لو ما بعرفهم حدا منكم هيك غيري؟

That's what a very nice crackwhore would say!

شئ ما بتتمنى يكون بالطرف يلي حابب ترتبط في مستقبلا؟

Like, I can't be with a homosexual pedophile..

شو شعورك لما تكون في بسة نازلة مستعجلة وأنت طالع ع الدرج😂😂

I would say hi, and move on..

Space 🖤🍃

H13EBA52’s Profile PhotoHeba Ibrahim
It's bad to be alone. it rebounds in your incomplete, unfulfilled, and unsatisfied life.
Loneliness amazes me really, cause the world, as I know, is full to the point I can't believe anyone is destined to be alone. Actually, people may try everything possible to get away from other people, but I'm sure many fails in it.
Loneliness isn't mandatory, many times it's a choice, and you can always find company. Nothing makes for a false assumption, though.
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Are you ok ?

I was alright in my moms belly, but things got drastically worse after her pregnancy. I don't think I will be okay for a little longer, and what does it mean to be okay? Like does it mean to be in shape? to have money? To be loved? To be in health? Or is it sth else?
Anyway, in my opinion, I'm responsible for my state to some degree, and yeah, I'm doing well at being okay, I try my all to be in the process of being okay, and I hope to be able to keep myself in that state for as much as I can. Ugh, it's just a state after all.
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نحكي انستا ممكن

One time, this character send me a massage on Instagram asking if we can talk on Snapchat, I didn't see why was it compulsory to take it out of instagram, where you can obviously say what you you want to me.It's just another app after all!
Anyway, we start chatting on Snapchat, and it didn't last long. It was awful and painful. We were smacking into each other like two blind hurricanes.
I think that character made a good experience after that one. Changing the app wouldn't make you more favorable, it won't give you any unique advantages, and it does not mean you're accepted as a fella. Intimacy needs acceptance and time, and it should be authorized mutually, and changing the app is just as fake as your good intentions.
So the answer to your Q is : yeah, whatever..
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لقلبك ♥️

الأعمى يهتدي للحب، و الأصم يهتدي للحب، و لكن المجنون لا يحب. حبيبك تجده مرتين، مرة أولى حين تبحث في قلبك، و أخرى حين لقائك به. فتش في قلبك عمن تحب، لأنك لن تجده بعينيك قبل أن تعرفه بقلبك.

مش عارفه ليش حاسه انو كتير بعرفك

You're being misguided by your own perception, cause knowing people isn't a matter of sensations.

ستبقى الإناث وردات البيوت ، من عمر شهرٍ إلى أن يعجزنّ🤍.

Stop abusing the reality


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