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I have a crush on from the first time I saw you smiling from that moment ,I keep thinking about you I couldn't help myself I tried to stop but I can't I don't know why I just wanted you to know that maybe one day you will be mine Keep smiling it suits you Visca barca ❤❤

This is so much for me, it makes me wonder if I’ll ever deserve ur words, thanks your words made my day 💕

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قمر اوي الانون دا لا وخجول كمان 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 لا انشف يا صاحبي وبص في الصوره مش هتخجل ولا حاجه 😂😂


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+1 answer in: “كل لما افتح صورتك وده بيحصل ييجي 30 او 40 مره ف اليوم بخجل اوووي وببص ف الأرض من شدة الخجل انتي جميله اووي بجد”