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@eringilfoy asks, "What are some of your guilty pleasures?"

ignores everything

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Which Disney character would you like to be for a day?

..... can I be Saitama than the disney character?

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If you don't want to ask a question, then don't mind writing one for me.
but thank you for your concern.

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I'm not a masochist! >_< oh okay. bye bye~

yeah yeah whatever, masochist old man.
bye :)

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BUT THAT'S RUDE TO ASK ABOUT THAT AND ENJOYING WHILE THE OTHER PARTY IS SUFFERING, HOW EVIL CAN YOU BE?! =_=" I recommended you to polish your manner of speaking. I HAVE DECIDE ON MY FUTURE OKAY! this is why I hate brat.

if you hate this kind of 'brat' then why the hell you approached me first, masochist old man? -.-"
oh really? that's good thing.

I need to off. you can tell me that future of yours in our next conversation (probably a year waiting. lel)

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and that sarcastic way of answering >.>" why you never change hana? *sigh* ah, while facing exam and you're online here to mess around? that's very brave. (meh, genius) shit. why you always bragging about that Rina? not funny okay. why not asking about the future instead the past?

cuz this is me dude.
I'm not a genius. If I'm a genius, I already leave my school long time ago.
cuz I'm having fun while you're weeping for your feeling for Rina ^.^
Are you asking for something impossible? I mean, you haven't decide your own future and you asked me to ask you about that? wake up Rei. If you're sleepy then go to sleep instead.

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yeah yeah the cold yet the cool HANA bla bla bla. (though your clumsiness might be your cute side but the hidden evilness might minus your good points >.>") Oh! your SPM is this year? so how was it? Nothing much. I only could see my ceiling room. and the swinging fan. Not to forget the light.

... I didn't even asked you to describe me. I recommended you to polish your reading skill :P
yes I'm taking my SPM this year and is facing for now until Nov 27th. Wish me luck.
-_-" I forgot that you like to mess around. The typical cowardly Rei.
Have you get rid over Rina? or still clinging onto the past feeling? >:3c

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o____o that's very cold of you :'( Rei is writing here. It's been a while. How are ya?

Oh! the coward dude (^_^) come on... you've been knowing me for a long time you should have known how I treat people. hmmm... good, I guess. Nothing interesting happened except for SPM. So, what's up?

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.... I think you wrote in the wrong box. This is not the screaming section, but to ask a question.
Have a nice day, human :)

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What band is your favorite at the moment?

One Ok Rock

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What's your biggest fear?

tak dapat reda Allah.

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Atb espiyem kak anis!

terima kasih.
atb juga jaga iman :)

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ko ni mmg sengaja nak sakitkan aty aku ke ape?

shouldn't we say it reverse?
kau yg tulis dulu. Aku hanya menegur.
kau menuduh dulu. in fact, kau yg salah faham dulu.
and skrang kau nak salahkan aku sebab kau butthurt dgn aku. -_-"

ape kau nak sebenarnye, manusia?

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ala... kol pon panggil aku mindless.

kol? you mean 'kau'? :3c

aku tak tulis pun 'daripada macam kau, mindless'.
aku tulis, "it's better than being mindless'.
aiyo... >.>"

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aku tak judge orang pun? o.O?

heh. panggil orang 'heartless' tak judge ke tu?

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Hi heartless.

hi manusia.
Satu teguran dari si heartless.
Kalau kau tak tahu latar belakang orang tu, aku rasa jgn la kau judge dia. You know nothing.

p/s: aku tak tahu apa yang aku buat sampai orang panggil aku heartless, but I think that's better than being mindless.

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love ur c's


oh okay. thanks :)

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Gud Luck SPM :'))

syukran :D

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kak Hana betul ke suka lagu rock?

uish.... sape je yg tak tau yg org ni minat rock? XD
info tambahan, org ni minat band:
1. Nano
2. One Ok Rock
3. Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas
4. Fall Out Boys
5. UVERWorld
6. Alice Nine

and more....

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It's World Gratitude Day! What's something you're grateful for?

everything around me :)

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Are you a better talker or listener?

talker. maybe

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Do you like being alone?

yep. much better than being with some annoying people.

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What does it mean when a man looks at other women when he is with his girlfriend?


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Ask @hanaflamehaze:

About Hana:

I'm not rude... I just wasn't taught to politely pretend to be nice to people I can't stand.