Ask @hangingfire100110002:

As someone with no history listening to electronic music, how do you account for your modular synth hobby? Is it all down to Doctor Who, or is there more to it?

Doctor Who is a big part of it. The biggest, probably. I just really like Radiophonic Workshop sounds and atmospheres. Also a factor: it's an interesting new thing to learn and it's a way back to three fields that I've neglected for years, despite having some skill with them—namely music, math, and science—and it's a way of getting back there that also has tangible, hopefully pleasant or interesting results. And I went for eurorack modular synth rather than something more conventional because the possibilities seemed more open-ended than with something like a Moog, and Buchla was horribly intimidating and terrifyingly pricey. (She says, after spending *cough* to get a halfway respectable modular setup. Oh well.)
One thing I haven't talked about before was the sheer feminist annoyance I found building as I watched "I Dream of Wires" and saw a nearly endless parade of dudes, with only a handful of women to break it up a bit. Similar ire flared up a few times at Moogfest 2014, although to their credit they *did* have a more diverse lineup than I might have expected. Sticking a thumb in the eye of the patriarchy, so to speak, is actually a motivation. Or to put it another way: as the saying goes, do the thing that you want to see, and in this case "the thing" is being a woman who dinks around with nerdy electronic gear. Look, I never said I was particularly high-minded.

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