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So what's new for today?

Dr. عاقب آفریدی
Guys, please follow my photography page. I've made since it's an year but still it is underrated, people don't appreciate and consider good talent, just follows what's in the limelight and have good number of followers, and when such underrated talents are gone from this world then we speak out and support them which is then of no use.

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What are you scared of? 👀

If a girl doesn't respond, meaning she's not interested in talkin to you! Understand this point and it's all upon her will, you cannot force her cuz you're not her husband or even close so stop saying "apni shakal dekho aur attitude dekh" Bro calm down, if someone is constantly teasing your sis or mom through texting or phone calls will you sit down like a dumpster. GAL ✌️

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