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What are u doing today

Enjoying the beautiful God-given fall weather. Did some raking in my backyard. Enjoying time with God throughout the day. Had my usual cup of coffee this morning. Did laundry this morning, and now it needs to be dried. I need to eat lunch or at least eat something, I haven't eaten yet today.
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How often do you use your phone

Every day. Probably at least once an hour, or more. Definitely use it too much 😆

What is your favorite craft

I don't think I have a favorite craft, but I've done a few things like a little bit of scrapbooking before, some origami, and even a bit of decoupage before. They're fun 😊

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about your country?

My favorite thing: that we still have the freedom of religious practice
My least favorite thing: that abortion was legalized and still is legal for the most part

When do you put your tree up, or do you not put one up?

We put up a tree usually a week or two before Christmas. My mom loves getting a real tree, and she likes to wait until they go on sale before we get one 😆

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Do you have any Thanksgiving traditions

Yes, besides the food, we have a tradition of going around the table saying at least three things we're thankful for.


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