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To be honest, I loved you so much that words can't describe and I still do. I wish things could've ended differently. That is what you notice once you mature and grow up. Now when you have a different mentality you see things differently. I just want to say sorry and wish you well in your life.

don’t treat ppl like shit if you love them

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Caller number # 1 what’s your request ?

Hello, I'm on the radio with T-Pain
How's it goin'?
It ain't goin' good
My girl ain't doin' her things she used to do at all

I had to literally pray this anger off of me because I was consumed by it to the point that I wanted to find a person and I'm not going to talk on this social media site . But the last time I felt like that I caught a gun case. And I thank God for the gun case , it could have turned to a murder case

This is the problem with the world. Get angry and want to take it out on everyone else

Ladies, leave your man at home The club is full of ballers and their pockets full grown And all you fellas, leave your girl with her friends 'Cause it's eleven thirty

And the club is jumpin, jumpin


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