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Are you interested in astronomy? Which star do you like the most? ✨

I am interested, however I am clueless when it comes to astronomy. I need to learn more about it!

What is your outfit atm?

I’m wearing an avenged sevenfold t shirt and shorts and I have pigtails in my hair lol

You can get one more life. In what century would you choose to live?

I think that I would like to live in the 9th century in Greece or around there, I love Greek mythology!

The most attractive country in Europe for you?

I think the United Kingdom is the most attractive country in Europe! I hope to live there at some point.

What celebrity's biography are you interested in?

I am really interested in Iwan Rheon, Alfie Allen and Harry styles biography!

Do you like to go to Chinese restaurants? What's your usual order?

I love to go eat Chinese food but I usually just get the buffet!

did u hear that mom Jay-Z publicly announced non-traditional orientation?

I did not hear that I’m not a big Jay Z fan

What are you going to do after graduating school?

After graduating school I’m going to college to become a labor and delivery RN.


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