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You actually Went to Church today?? I wouldn't have! That pastor is stupid!!

the fact that you actually had the audacity to ask me this. you don't even know him nor knew him. he's a human. he will always be the best youth pastor that I have ever met. Callan has taught me so so much. I love him. When I gave my life to Christ he was there. He told me it would be the best decision I would ever make. and he was more that right.Callan is a man of God. He sinned. We're all sinners. Sin is Sin. It's not in our hands. He did something wrong. yes, he knew what he was doing but no I will not look down on him for this. The punishment is for God to decide. Everything happens for a reason. I've stressed and cried about it and people like you don't help with that a single bit. Everyone is gossiping about it and just throwing rumors out there that you have absolutely no idea if they are true. There are three people that know the whole story and know exactly what happened. Callan. The girl.and The Lord. There's nothing we can do but keep them in our prayers. they sinned. Forgiveness. We have to Learn to forgive. Going from seeing your youth pastor. Your role model every week from not knowing if you'll ever see them again. Is absolutely heart breaking. And you're going to be the cruel person that goes around gossiping and talking trash about him. we may ask for forgiveness and we are assured we have been washed clean.
John 1:5 - His light shines in the darkness, the darkness has not overcame it.

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