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Any motivational saying?

ArslanTariq755’s Profile PhotoArslanTariq755
If you have not grown into your professional job. if you have not grown your interpersonal and your communication skills, and if you have not grown as a human. With the passage of time, sooner or later, you’re going to bump against a concrete wall. Unfortunately, nobody can see beyond a concrete wall, especially when they are pushed against the wall.
Work on yourself. This would be the best ever investment you have ever made in life, one with huge returns.

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Confess something?💫

Farishatybhatti’s Profile PhotoFarishaty
No incident can ever be posttraumatic as the incident of a person beating his mother has been. I am using the word person for him not man or human, he doesnt deserve either of them. I have'nt seen such a distressing act in my entire life. Long story short, I appeal to the law enforcement agencies that charge the person and his wife, accomplice in the crime, with charges of domestic violence, harassment, confiscation and threat to life. In case of injustice, there would be eruption of mobs taking laws into their own hands and law and order situation could be affected.

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