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Sahi kaha .........par agr mai fail hogai toh......naaaahhhhiiiiii ......I can't take this😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭

Or agr naa hui fail? 50 50 chance hai. Ya fail hona hai yaa paas. Agr tension lo gi bus or parho gi nai to pakki fail. Agr tension chor kr parh lo gi phr pass ho jao gi. So,what sounds better and more rational? To over think about something that hasn't happened yet and is very small chance of happening if you start studying or to study and prevent it from happening?

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Actually I am having 'SUPPLEMENTARY EXAM " for MBBS subjects.....if I fail in this exam my career is over.....I will not be able to face my life ahead......just a week to go to start my exam and I am feeling depressed and anxiety

Bhai exam clear karnay k liye to focus ki zarurat hoti hai, parhnay ki zarurat hoti hai. Depression or anxiety say bhi kabhi exam clear huay hain?

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How to deal with disappointments in life? What to do when u r not able to solve problems?

Be positive. Think positove. Be with positive people who actually care for you and motivate you. Have faith in yourself.
Analyze and Think rationally and not emotionally. Know the goods and bads. Dig out the reason behind. Solve it. That's the best way to solve a problem.
These are all general statements. I mean that's all I can say based on the data provided. If there is a specific problem then you can ask about it. After all, psychology is not like mathematics that you have a formula and then apply it on all problems to get them solved. It's different. It varies. From person to person and all.

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But i wanted to know personal. So that we can come to know the person we’re trusting our issues with.

There is nothing "our" my friend. It's all personal. Between "you" and "me". You can ask me anything after you untick. I'll tell ya.
Don't get offended. This anonimity in public let's me do my work easily. I feel comfortable and everyone else feel comfortable too. :))

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People telling you that it would go, everything will be alright is easy. I can only hear them saying. In my mind I know that it will pass. I try to boost myself up and keep on telling me that everything will be fine but something happens and I start to think to give up. All my energy drains that

It's true that no one but the person suffering knows how difficult it is for him. The stage at which you are,it is so very easy to give up and lose all hope but my friend, whatever happens, however much worst the situation is for you, the life goes on. It doesn't stop for you. You have to go with the flow. You have to keep moving. I know a number of people who have suffered so much,gone through so much that even I sometimes feel that how come they are still alive? If I have been in their place, I'd have ended it but they didn't give up. I mean if you feel that you've gone through it all and there's nothijg left to face now then be daring! If you have nothing to lose,then what are you afraid of? Youve lost it all. Make the final bet. It doesn't make any difference if you lose if again. You've got nothing to lose. And if you win, that'd be a new start for you. So, it's a win win situation for you. What are you afraid of? What are you worried about?
P.S. I don't really know what you've gone through and in what situation you are living rn so if you kindly let me know about that, I'd be thankful as it'd help me to help you in a better way.

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