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Syed or sunni familes kuo aik dosry mh rishta ni krtay ........... its litterally a series matter

Alishba Zubair
2 batein yahan mein kehna chahon ga.
Ye koi buri baat nahi hai rishta karte hoye caste ka khyl rakhna. Sirf syed hi nhi ye kaam aj kal mughal rajput jutt sheikh aarein malik sab hi kar rahe hain. Agr larka ya larki jinno ne shaadi krni unko apni caste mein koi problem nahi toh hum awaein mou chuk ky kisi pe ungli uthane wale kon hote hain?
Agr koi syed zaadi kisi no syed ko psnd kr leti ya koi syed zaada kisi non syed se shaadi krna chahta toh unko chahye apni parents ko iss baare mein zaror bataein na ky sirf time pas ky liye ak dosre ky sth affair rakhein jb ky pata bhi ho dono ko k kuch bhi kr lo shaadi toh phir bhi nhi ho pani.
Apna maa baap ko convince kiya ja skta hai agr toh waki irade naik hon wrna toh flirt fake relationship dhoka toh ap kisi bhi caste mein reh ky kisi ko bhi dey skte.

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What is the first haraam thing you would want to do if it is halal ?

The only haram thing i will definitely do is to ask the contact number of the girl who would be my fiancee.
The main purpose of this special interaction is not to take her to different places or holding hands or taking selfies infact i would like to know her personally likes dislikes moods temperament n expect her to do same thing.
Its completely haram in Islam for two people to talk like that before marriage.
But it is necessary now. Otherwise things don't work.

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Ya apky name ka sath roz flag q change hojata 😂

Ye Ask wale meri shaadi karana chahte jb inko pata hota k pak se iss koi nhi milni toh phir India se ly ky Afghanistan tak ky leaderboard pe mjhy dal dete.
Unfortunately phir bhi shakal aisi ky na kisi indian ne raabta kiya na hi kisi chinese ne😭💔

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Is main tera ghata mera kuch nahi jata wala moment describe kro😂😌

Bitter but true
Most of us living in the dreams of our ideal partners having special qualities even they dont exist in their ourself.
But if right now some rich or popluar guy/girl approaches us, we will forget our ideals n associate ourselves with them.
The reason is this we r materialistic. We always prefer status over love, money over loyalty n repuation over feelings.
Your real prince charming will never come on white horse wearing golden hat holding diamond ring for you, may be he is facing hard times or fighting to earn his share.
Your miss perfect will not be spending holiday in Maldives, wearing gucci parada,eating lavish foods,
may be she is making the lunch of whole family or busy in laundry.
If we still don't understand then be ready for ghata hi ghata.

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