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Hassan Billy
It doesn't matter if you are a sinner, if you are not able to live a cleanlife ,if everybody calls you the badass of the society but maybe from your words from your actions from your little talks someone who is about to kill him/herself ,stops and finds motivation towards life once again that would really matter for them as well as for you to find the inner peace so no matter how the world behaves to you just put aside all the ego and all the hate for world and be the person with a top character be the person with the kind words because you really don't know how your words impact others life.

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Thoughts on love ?

This generation knows nothing about love , love is unconditional its just a state of mind no words can explain love only commitments and most of all if you really love someone and they don't love you back i mean seriously would you go to another person for love i mean like how ? Don't we have anyface to show to the one who created us ? Boy's and girl's what we do is not humanity god's angels are worth more than just usage and time pass instead of loving other start loving yourself that way you can live happily and if you love don't expect anything back .

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