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would you drop a kind message for me, if i tell you i'm loosing hope ?🌚🥀

Maryamkhan27’s Profile PhotoMaryamkhan27
Dude its cruel outside dark evil everywhere we try putting the blame on others but yet some people will try doing the worse with you maybe they will snap their fingers inside you or maybe they will steal all that you have wealth, mental peace ,dignity every single fucking thing but actually they are one’s taking their sleep away but for people suffering from these trauma’s , they just have to keep on going sooner or later one day everything is going to be all right and they are going to shine for the rest of their live’s ❤️

Have you ever fallen in love with a person who is in another relationship?

Haha sometimes we get so stupid that we think this time someone will understand love but people only want to suck your feeling’s your time your money , i know that searching for love is a stupid job but when you out of now where fell in love and the next person makes fun of your feelings thats the time when you actually start hating yourself
So both of the genders stay aware of scams, scams can happen anytime.

Idher koi aesa hai jisne AJ tak tiktok application use Nahin ki?

ayeshakhan52’s Profile PhotoAyesha Khan
Mere jan hum nay nae tiktok use kia aj tak but wait let me tell you one thing i have not seen a more chutiya person like you, you stupid snack video fuckers just get a life moron’s .
And stop appearing in every add im sick of you guy’s .


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