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straight, gay or bi?

sometimes when I talk to boys I unconsciously make it look like they disgust me, and w girls it looks like I’m attracted to them but no it’s just I’ve been broken hearted several times by boys and I feel so much love towards my gender because we’re amazing and we deserve all the love and respect people can give us

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james potter was worse than snape

snape abused children to the point to cause him being neville's boggart (deepest fear) he mocked hermione's big teeth, when pansy used a spell to make them bigger he said he saw no difference, that's children abuse. he did harry so dirty only for being the son of the man who bullied him when they were only fifteen. james grew up a loving, caring, admiring person. everyone loved him, he had friends and a wife. snape fucking adored the dark arts. he joined voldemort's death eaters and even despised the "love of his life" for being a mudblood. yes, he switched to dumbledore's side, but he only did it for lily on the first place (which was good bc after all he showed us there was one person he did truly care about)
summin up: james is a better person. i still love snape's story, and him as a character

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