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Are soulmates to be together or apart? Why?

What's a soulmate? Must not of found mine apparently. Prolly never will

Why is it that girls didn’t like me when I was nice to them and romantic, but they started liking me when I make them feel easily replaceable and ignore them?

That's a whole crock of s*** cuz you know what I've been blowing your s*** up and you don't reply back so it ain't nothing like that you're the one who has been ignoring the whole time

Snap 💛

You have my snap you never even opened mine so I'm not even get a hold of my breath so I'd probably die before you ever did

Can we please be besties?

I am completely done talking to you until you talk to me off this anonymous s*** goodbye

Baby can we please cuddle til we both fall asleep together?

Well obviously I know you're not talking to me cuz you would have asked me on messenger cuz you don't use these apps remember so no bye I don't know who you are the quit pretending to be somebody you're not

r u done pretending like I’m not the love of your life

Who is this because honestly you've turned me pretty f****** cold here lately if is it supposedly you from H-Town which I doubt it because you said you don't use these apps so that's a lie

If I'm single by Feb 14 I'm posting screenshots of my inbox..we all gonna be single.

I am single you want to come talk to Wayne whenever he gets back to the house you're more than welcome to I have nothing to hide I'm not on no games then you can ask about how much I talk about you to him and how many nights have cried because of how you are okay with me one minute and the next minute you want nothing to do with me cuz I have sat there and I've cried multiple night over what now...

Maybe i begin badly this year. But i finish happy. Forever, i can't forget you. May you have a strong health to live 100 years. The earth need some people like you. Sorry to treat you like a piece of s**** but i think everything is clear now for us. Be happy and healthy. Good luck for the rest 😁

Will you just leave it alone quit being a whole piece of s***

Does anyone have anything motivational or inspiring to share? Good new's maybe?

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Yeah may your day be blessed and I pray to God that nothing bad happens to anyone don't ever let no man women ever ever bring you down to the point were your not happy yourself worth is worth way more than that and if that person can't see it they're not worth your time because we're better than that respect yourself otherwise they won't respect you like they should
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This is what I'm getting from this... You left me, too be with the white guy I saw you with on Jackson that day over the summer. N not the chef guy?

Who tf if this to wth


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