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Are you a leader or a follower?

A follower mostly but I try my best not to be a sheep, I've been a tag-along for far too long and I'm done so, I'm sticking with the decent people I know who'll actually value my company. c:

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Rate your dancing skills from 1 (worst) to 10 (best)

10, obviously

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Why is the sky blue?

Apparently it's because the sea reflects onto it? Or is the reason why the sea looks blue because the sky reflects on to it, I have no idea. :3

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Generally speaking, do you avoid the things that make you uncomfortable or do you confront them? Yes, this includes your fears, as well.

Being honest, I confront them in my head, think about them for a while then forget about/avoid them until the next time I happen to think about them - it doesn't help or change anything, but that's the habit I've got into, unfortunately.

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Has a complete stranger ever done something so nice or so interesting for you that it changed your entire day? Have you ever done the same thing for a person you didn't know?

No one has ever done anything like that for me, but I'd like to think I'd do that for someone if I had the opportunity. c:

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Are you photogenic? Has anyone ever snapped a photo of you pulling a ridiculous face (not a selfie)?

Definitely not photogenic. >< I look awful in most photos people take of me, as well as most I take myself. :p

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Have you ever played tennis?

Yes and it was pretty much the worst experience of my life so far.

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What's one thing you really want and wish for?


To have somewhere of my own to live when I'm older and to share that place, and my life, with my boyfriend.

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are you even still relevant?

Are you even still existing? Surprised me there.

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whats your favorite color?

Dark blue, black, grey, silver, or dark purple.

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pic of your eyes pls x

Should've taken a photo in daylight but here. c:

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Which bands/artists have you seen in concert? Which bands/artists have announced tours that you wish to attend?

Vampire Weekend (first concert, loved, still do)
Asking Alexandria (enjoyed, still like listening to them on occasion)
Motionless in White (was never a real fan since I hadn't heard them before or since, but they were awesome live)
Twin Atlantic (loved them, were great live, and I'm still a fan now.)
Bring Me The Horizon (was a fan for a good while, but didn't get to see them until they released their last album, which I didn't like so much. They were still pretty good live though)
Pierce The Veil (was never a big fan of these either, but they supported BMTH and were good, I really got to like one or two songs and the lead singer seemed great.)
La Dispute (This band were the most amazing band I've found in years - their music and lyrics are indescribably well written, emotional, and beautiful. Been a fan since May last year, and I got to see them live in June - which was one of the best nights of my life. I'm obviously still a fan now, even if I don't listen to them as much as before.)
I've seen a fair few more bands, which were other supporting bands at some of these shows but I can't remember their names. None of them were memorably bad though so, haha.

Bands I'd like to/would have liked to see:
Arctic Monkeys. (I've liked this band a lot for a couple of years now, and I think all of their music has been great, and really pretty unique. Alex Turner has always had a brilliant way with words and I'd love to see him live. I recently saw the performance poet/comedian John Cooper Clarke perform, and the similarity between his and Alex's work was pretty clear, in a good way.)
You Me at Six. (Another band I've loved for ages, and although I think their very best days have passed - such as when they were performing their second and third albums - I'd still love to see then perform some classics.)
Parkway Drive. (I think this band are definitely one of the best metal bands out there right now, and I've missed a couple of chances to but I'd really like to see them.)
Queens of the Stoneage. (My parents got me into this band when I was younger, and I really love their music. Would be great to see them live.)
Nirvana. (Another band my parents got me into, and who I love. My Dad saw them live while at their most popular and said they were brilliant.)
The Smiths. (I started listening to the Smiths about the same time as I did Arctic Monkeys, and I think they were a really great band. Morrissey is another top lyricist, and a legend. I'll be upset if he doesn't manage to beat the cancer he's suffering from at the moment.)
The Beatles. (Another classic band my parents got me into when I was younger and who I genuinely love, and who would have been pretty great to see live.)
Elvis. (I love Elvis's music, and it always gets me dancing - would have been fab to see him live, haha. My little brother is a fan too and sports the quiff. >< )
Green Day. (Another band past their classic days in my opinion, but who have made some of my favourite songs.)

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How often do you take some time out to participate in self-care? What do you do to care for yourself? (Self-care is a vital part of looking after yourself, especially around/during a stressful situation).

I can't really say I take any time out specifically for self care, but I don't think I particularly need to since I don't find my life very stressful at all. The only things I do are just practising positive thinking, and everything else takes care of itself - my boyfriend is amazing at making me happy, and my family/friends are there for me if I need someone for support or to make me laugh. I also keep the two other things that could be stressful from being stressful, money and college work, by being sensible with both and getting work done as soon as possible.

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Do you like sparkling or still water?

Still, sparkling is horrible. It sounds nice in theory but in reality it just tastes like metal. :c

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Do you believe that humans have souls? How about animals? Plants? Trees?

I don't believe in anything other than what is real at present; such as your mind, location, and current situation - so I don't believe in God, or Heaven or anything like that. You can't really feel that your soul is there, so I'd say that they don't exist. There isn't anything, like a soul, that travels onto anywhere else in death, you just end.

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You like The Velvet Underground? That automatically makes you the most amazing person in the world. I think I love you.

I do. And I return that compliment, they were amazing. c:

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I am trying to think of what to dress up as for Halloween this year. So far I have a skeleton, Living dead and the comic book look. What are some other cool costume ideas?

Mumma Bear ;

I always just try and create the most goth look I can, and call it a witch. :p
This year I'm going to use all the contouring tricks I've learnt recently and put on the most professional Halloween makeup I've worn thus far. :3

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Where do you fall asleep besides your bed?

No where, I can't fall asleep unless I have a duvet and pillow ><

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no it's saying that a period shouldn't stop sex or oral

Yeah I know, but in most cases stuff like that is stopped by periods, you won't find many guys that are into that shit ><

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(This batch of questions are about spinning common questions on their heads). Everyone likes to talk about how the universe began. I'd like to know how you think the universe will end, if at all. Why do you think this way?

I think it could possibly end similarly to how it began, through natural causes or a natural disaster. I think the worst thing that could happen would be the Earth continuing on the path it is now, slowly disintegrating (some factors are deteriorating far faster than they should be and that we can keep up with) - we will have literally next to no species of animals left within the next 50-100 years, it may be proven that climate change is in fact caused by/hugely influenced by human activity and not just normal planet climate change, and continuing war may wipe out even more of humanity than it already has.
I saw on the news the other day that in most groups of animal species, up 49% of their whole populations have been killed off in the last 40 years. In short, our planet does not have an awful amount of time left, if humans carry on the way we are now.
Which we will.

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the only thing that period should stop is a sentence.

Haha, a period does stop a hell of a lot of other things too unfortunately

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What kind of people do you tend to avoid? Why is this?

I avoid people who attention seek, are self centred or arrogant for obvious reasons. But, I've found I don't click too well with really quiet people either, which I think is because they're a little too much like me - they might not talk unless the others around them are talking, etc.

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What kind of shoes do you wear the most?

It's hard to say really because I go between Converse, Dr Martens, dolly shoes and patent brogues day to day, depending on my outfit. ><

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