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Do rappers come off to you as fake or extra? Or neither?

Granted I’ve only worked with a few because my sound doesn’t make it easy for anyone to rap on, but the ones I’ve worked with were neither

Has anyone ever said anything creepy to you while you were outside walking alone?

Froyh’s Profile PhotoMerve
I can’t recall. I used to kick it with some characters so even at their most sober, a normal conversation would end up sounding like something someone could have seen while tripping balls

7 things you never tell anyone if you want to succeed in life

I can’t. Seven times. You can do it or you can find a way

Are you the type of person to listen to a song for the meaning (lyrics) or the beat?

More often than not, the beat. I like getting lost in the world that the beat creates

tell me something only you would know

The irony of dystopian hip hop is that it can embody a fuck ton of nihilism and “gloom and doom” while also being some of the most entertaining and high-energy shit you will ever hear

I don't want a relationship with you just leave me alone stop trying to force a relationship on me

I hate when that happens too


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