Ask @hayabintefaheem:

How many times have you fallen in love ?

The first time he held my hand tightly and taught me how to walk i fell in love with him,my dad.
When she took the blame on herself for something i did wrong, i fell in love with her,my mom
Every time i see them doing things for me that I cant even expect from anyone in this selfish world i fell in love with them again and again❤️ and i mean it

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What do you mostly think about at night?

Muhammad Qasim
Very imp stuff.
Like if its 2:00am now and i have to wake up at 7 for uni then ill have 5 hrs of sleep,but recommend is 7-8hrs...but its fine since i also slept in the afternoon. Ill keep 1 alarm at 6:50 to mentally prepare myself that its time to wake up.
U have to do this before u sleep its a friendly advice for a peaceful night😴

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2k19 flashback💭💭!!!!

Jawad Kayani
It was fast, really fast....
I mean i dont even remember my 2019 and it seems like only a few days back i was sending happy new year (2019) texts and now 2020 is only a month away and the thing that bothers me the most at the end of this year is that i lost another year of my life stressing about tomorrow that was already planned...

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