Ask @hayesgrier1:

what would you do to a girl?

Hold her hand, hug her and kiss her unexpectedly. Make her feel protected. Call her cute unique names. Baby and babe are always good, but whatever happened to cupcake and honey-pie etc l0l. I'd be cute with her. Like a fucking princess and well I'd try my hardest to make her happy everyday. We'd take cute pictures together and show off to the world how happy we are together and see them get jealous because we have the relationship they all want. We'd do loads of random shit together and we wouldn't even care purely because we were with each other, that's all that'd matter. I'd cook for her randomly and then we could just sit there feeding each other and sharing food and she could like bite the food from my mouth if you know what I mean? When she is down, I'd be there for her, I'd be her shoulder to cry on, I'd wipe away those tears and turn them into tears of happiness and joy, I couldn't bare seeing my baby girl upset, it would kill me, luckily she is a strong person so she doesn't really let anything get to her. We'd go on cute, random walks at night and end up in god know's where and we still wouldn't care, just because we were with each other. She'd get tired from walking all night, so we'd find a nice spot and just lay... together... looking up at the beautiful stars. I'd get her to rest her head on my chest as she starts to drift off. It would just be me and my girl, in a peaceful, silent surrounding, just looking up at the gorgeous pitch black sky. Then after letting her sleep I'd have to wake her up, but I wouldn't make her walk all the way back again, I'd carry her or give her a piggy back. Then when we got home I'd take her straight upstairs to bed and tuck her in nice and tight and make sure she is all wrapped up and snuggly, I'd move her hair out of her face and kiss her on the lips and then her forehead. We'd be the cutest couple ever! I wouldn't be a protective boyfriend... if she wants to talk to other guys... fine by me, I trust her. She is free to do whatever the hell she like's, she doesn't need to change for me. Make up or no make up.. she is still perfect. Joggers or a dress... she is still perfect. Hair just let loose or hair done up.. she is still perfect. I'd be one of those boyfriend's who wouldn't care about anyone else and what they think and there opinions, all that matters is my girl. I know most guy's don't like doing all the cute stuff with there girlfriend's cause they think it's "gay" or "uncool" but i don't care, i would do anything for my girl, if that means in public and in front of everyone then so be it. If she wants cuddles, she gets cuddles, if she wants kisses, she gets kisses. She would get whatever she wants.
Like if you're a girl and you want this.

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