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Lilly Bradley
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Are you and colt together?! <3

yes. I am his husband.

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Lesbian with perla (;

Yes tho (;

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Who are your best friends?

squad: Nipple, Shawnstance, Lesb
and also: Perla, and Emily

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what do you want for Christmas?

dang I havent gotten a question in months hahaha.
uh not really anything... sounds cheesy but maybe a friend or someone to talk to because I'm lame af and give the cheesiest answers out there but yeah hahaha.

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What makes life worth living?

Certain people I suppose(;

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Are you still dating spencer?

Who are you ?

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Ever sucked dick?

Isn't it nice that to go onto this app after nearly two months and this is the only question you've been asked?
I'm feeling pretty dang special.

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What's the worst thing you have ever done?

I've got a question for you.
Who the actual frick would answer this?

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What are your plans for the summer?

Drill... and studio dance. Every day.

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Truth is, I don't really know you! Let's change that?

Pete Griggs

Yeah dude lets(:

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Likers get a rate?


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Hey um can I have that smoothly..?

What? Hah

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Do you always smile for pictures?

Nah I'm not about that life.

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Pap and whoever likes it thinks you're hot ;)

But I'm not hot hahah but here I guess .___.

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What is something you have lost, that you wish you could get back?

Just some kids I used to be friends with. #deepmoments

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What made you smile today?

Well it was technically yesterday but my wall twerking competition with my boyfriend was pretty great hahahah

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Um hey nigglet who's this?

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What made your day today?

My stupid fag❤

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Salted or sweet popcorn?

And this is relevant why?

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how about amazing and beautiful? I like those better because they are true. not fat and worthless. those are wrong. You are the opposite of fat and you have more worth than I could ever tell you.

spencer payne

I loves you....❤

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Describe yourself in three words

Fat and worthless (:

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What's your Instagram account?

What name would you give to your ship?

You didn't mean that kind of ship did you...?

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How often do you use your brain?

Ain't got any

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like like :)

Try reading my instagram bio. Aight bai. ;)

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