Ask @hayleeatkinson:

Do you plan to go into fashion career

No probably not. I wish! Like I so wish, my first career choice would definitely be a bridal designer. But I just don't think I have it in me, running your own business takes a very diligent, driven go-getter, of which I am not. ha, so logically it probably won't ever happen. I'll still continue to do it on the side though, just have to be realistic with things.
Sorry for the long-winded response. :P

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What area would you like to live in?

Ohh you’re talking moving out of state, now I understand what you’re talking about. I mean ideally, in a couple years I’d move away- especially if I start feeling old for not being married. New York is my number one choice but I’ve also considered San Francisco, Seattle, Austin. I don’t know though, I vacillate between wanting a new adventure and wanting to be close to my family.

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