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Well, Michelle, but you probably won’t hear from me for a bit. I need to get all my stuff off my moms phone and give it back. She was way less than happy I borrowed it at all. And I will be getting a new phone when my credit card issues clear up. Not quite sure how long that will take. I hope 2nite.

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I add this girl on facebook and I messaged we talked she said I was cute but didn't remember me I thought she was kidding I told her come visit me she said she was single and she is off tuesday wednesdays i said ok and few days later i text her and she doesn't reply I look she unfriended me why?

why u telling me this? go find another girl to smash she’s not interested

Do girls like teddy bears? I’m thinking of getting a life size teddy bear... or like a 5 lbs gummy bear...

Life size bear, i once watched a video of a guy shit his brains and puke everywhere after eating too many gummy bears lol

Is there anything wrong with my gf asking me to stay at my moms for the weekend while she has a few of my guy friends over to my apartment? Or am I overreacting? She says she just likes watching them play Fortnight and I distract her.

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hell ya, she’s probably fucking them, you’re her girlfriend you should always be welcomed no matter what
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What was the first band or musician you were really into? Do you still like it?

Tupac not a band, but i will always love him and for band probably Flatbush Zombies

What's the necessity to work while you are studying?

my vape but i broke my vape so if anyone wants to send me $$ for it or like buy me a new one i’d suck ur dick


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