Ask @HazwaniHusna:

What do you think about your dad not support your ambition? What should you do? Lel. I have this problem

Idnt think I can give u the best choice , Did ur dad wish u to had other ambition? But it's up to you to make the choice, sama ada if u can go on with ur ambition without ur dad's support or follow his wish tht maybe mcm fr first u tak suka but maybe u will know the hikmah later, who knows right :) . But tk semestinya tk ikut dad's is salah jugak. Wht will i do? I will follow my kata hati tht fr first though. Tkde kata hati? Cuba istikharah ke hehe 😁

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Do a guy and a girl can be bestfriend w/o one have feelings for the other?

I did have many friends of boys, but never hve them as the best friend tht can be share problem with πŸ˜“ So, idk idk idk . It seem possible for some people (just like some of my friends), but it's impossible for me if the bestfriends type iss sooo 'rapat yg sampai u can share all ur bad problems with and it doesn't make u awkward at all'

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apa perasaan kau bila ada kawan yang tak reti hargai kau lepas tu tinggalkan kau macam tu je

ppl nowadays ni biasanya they hve their own style to appreciate ppl n we can't expect them to confess mcm ckp sayang n any else, kadang-kdng org yg memahami perasaan kau pun dh cukup untuk buat kau rasa dhargai sbb thankful tht we hve ppl tht can be trust around us n make us feel save ,but let say if kita buat baik but still dia tknk berkawan dgn kita (😩 Icnt say this bcs I never feel this situation sbb biasanya I kawan ngn ppl kacip je πŸ˜‚, kalau tk kacip setakat ramah mesra dhla πŸ˜‚) then kena tinggal? For me, there's never 'kawan tinggl kita ' (act it suit more to kekasih πŸ€”) sebab kawan ni masing masing ada haluan masing masing, rezeki tmpt masing masing, lama mana pun kita busy tk tercontact or chat, even dia ada kwn baru, kita still kenal perangai masing masing so even lama tk jumpa, then once kita jumpa or chat, we still can trust them n feel comfortable to share problems (ni kalau kawan yg jenis bukan stab from back la, kalau yg jenis stab back tu tk reti nk ckp) conclusion nya I can't feel this situation if it was with friends except it was buah hati πŸ€”

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Macam mana nak jadi orang yang open minded?

Think all ppl nice , dnt judge to much bcs we dnt know wht ppl have been through personally, every bad things have reasons n only can fix with love when u know them better, bcs u know the way to make them to accept the nice things again in their life hohohoho ( menjawab tak? Hahahhaaha kalau tak sila specific kan lagi soalan hahaha)

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