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It’s funny I thought we were reparable, and maybe we were but.. you didn’t give it a chance. Sorry that I’m letting you go.

There's always another way to do something, fix something. Love isn't the only thing you need in relationships, but it's still extremely important. When there's still love, there's still hope and a chance.

I’m not taking anything out on you but your own actions.

That's pretty chicken shit of you; unable to take responsibility for your own actions and choices? Who really has control then?

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How sensitive are you to sound when trying to sleep? Do you do anything to block it out? 😴👂

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I have to have some kind of white noise. Fan, an air conditioner, something. If I don't have one it's too quiet I can't sleep.
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If you knew of knowledge or ways to help others would you or would you keep it for you?

Help others, that's what we're here for. Community and connection, and you ultimately get back what you give.

We were supposed to be more than this u said u love me n I didn’t want wat u did but how do u no that when u won’t freakin speak to me on fb

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Dude, who are you? You're directing this at the wrong person, because I don't have any idea who you are.

How abt you can go ahead and center yourself. and then when you’re grounded in the real world circle back! . Let’s chat

And are you centered? Are you grounded in the real world, as you call it? There's always a reason to be grateful, and I have many. 5 people in particular: my handsome man, my children, and my mother. I'm humbled to know that they, my blessings, were given to me. Only God and the Universe know why I received them, but somehow I'm worthy. I don't doubt that one bit.

You're beautiful. No matter how much pain and hurt you have been through. I've seen your heart, I know the beauty of your soul. I love you. 😘

I don't know you, so I can't really say I love you too, but the message you're sending out to the universe is pure gold. Keep it up! The universe gives you what you put out.

Do you trust your friends ? How much of a friend have they proven to be?

I've come to find out that I don't have many friends at all. I'm a friend to others, but rarely are they a friend to me

If everyone you met was like you, you wouldn’t get to act the way you do😂 you should be really grateful most of the people you engage with have good hearts and good intentions

If everyone behaved like me, they'd know exactly what grief, loss, and depression feel like, as well as pure joy, elation, happiness, awe, and most of all, unconditional love.

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