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Are you usually the heart breaker or the heart broken?

Ummmm..... I dont think Ive broken someones heart. But, yes mine has been broken. )-;
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What are your goals?

To become an Officer in the military,to be financially stable, get married, have a child and adopt one, to learn Spanish and how to play the acoustic guitar....
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Remember use to be my boo at school. .use to kiss them lips b4 practice lol (fp)

Lmao, yes I remember.

How long did you know him for? And why do you think he wasn't ready?

It's been about seven years now. He wasn't ready to give up anything. In a true relationship a person is suppose to give up the I, me, & mine for the us, we, & our. He wasn't ready for that. He still needed time grow up.

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