Ask @heavenliness:

If you hear a mosquito in your room, what's your first reaction? 😅

Fight or flight, always. I remember one time one of those HUGE mosquitoes got into my room and I was swinging something (can't remember what it was) at it erratically. Eventually I hit it and it fell behind the side of my bed. Couldn't get the courage to go back there for a while after that.

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Finally back home, last couple of hours wasn't that chill, a gang of "adults" decided to stay in the restaurant untill we closed and made a mess in the whole dining area 😅

Oh I fucking hate people who do that; they're scum of the earth. The people who are all "you're not closed yet, so I'm entitled to be here and get service!!". I've seen videos of fast food workers closing the restaurant doors in people's faces. And the person recording is all, "You're still open, you have to service me!". And the worker goes, "There's only five minutes left". Honestly I think it's totally acceptable to shut the doors in these people's faces, not gonna lie!

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Have you heard of The Outer Worlds? It's a game that's gonna come out in the future that's pretty much exactly like Fallout new vegas but in space 😊 Made by the same studio that did Fallout new vegas and also with developers who worked on fallout 1 and 2 😄

I'll have to look into it! Thanks for letting me know

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What if your boyfriend wasn't present then? 🤔

Blaring music or loud game play, for one. I tend to have my volume a little higher than normal when I'm alone so that I can focus. Also, me moving around a lot to keep my body in check (make sure blood is circulating properly with mild exercise). Lastly, probably me running up and down the stairs to make sure my dogs are alright.

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+1 answer in: “If someone lived in your room if they were tiny and you didn't know, what do you think they should be most afraid of? 🤔😅”