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Me currently: -is panicked because everyone knows the rant is true but I'm sorta guilty- pls forgiv me senpai I'm lacking creativity

shh bb is ok
the best part about criticism is that once you read criticism and after a point it gets dug into your skull you don't see it as "lol your skin sucks" but more as like "your skin sucks, and heres why and i'm telling you why so you can start to improve on that"

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Oh man, preach! But honestly, if you ask me, this same style of stealing whatever is popular has been going on since before I even started skinning on a personal level three years ago. This new teen style, has seemed to hit a new low altogether though.

well yeah but at least before you'd at least see original stuff that was unique every now and then and would make you go "wow!!" but now everything is for the most part the same, there's just a huge influx of mediocre skinners or once good skinners gone mediocre
there's like 3 skinners who i think are still creative af and that's frozenmilk, oblivion, and vmin (even though she hasnt posted in like a month riprip)

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ok im done

i'm tired, frankly
since 5-4ish months ago, literally every skin on PMC is exactly the same
most of them have what i call "low effort/high gain" shading where it's literally 2 shades
with no highlights which frankly, i find very lazy. especially because half of those skins just steal bokui's shading from like 6 months ago?? that's just as bad as stealing oblivion's tbh
and please don't get me started on the fucking buns. why does every skin need buns. have you ever seen a girl with double buns? i mean sure it's a minecraft skin but it's gotten to the point where literally 3 out of 10 skins have a bun in some way or another
don't even get me started on the outfits?? like what the fuck?? they're literally all the same??
it's either Long Jacket Girl With Buns And Ripped Jeans or Striped Shirt Girl With A Jester Hat but it's different sometimes!! because this time!! the sweater!! is tied around the waist. there's honestly a really few amount of skinners who consistently make original skins worth looking at and i'm sad because it's the truth
//rant over

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hello i am desperate who wants skin commissions

buy me this and you get 5 skins and a drawing
buy me this and you get 3 skins and a drawing
please im so desperate for mon mons (it's actually in game characters but who cares amirite)

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