Ask @heeyitsmonii:

Can I ask you something Monica, and I think it'd help me if you were completely honest because my boyfriend and I just started to take our relationship to the next level and I needed some advice.. What should I do to make him want it badly? I want him to be all over me. Specific spots to touch him?

If you both are talking about taking it to the next level he already wants you that way. You cant tease him or do anything, just let him want it until he cant handle wanting it & goes after you. Thats what I always do.

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-_____- This isn't even fun anymore. First of all, "whimp" isn't a word.... I used the word: "whimper" in my last ask. And if I wanted the kid, I'd already have him. Guys are all the same. All you have to do is lick it where it's sensitive and he won't be able to resist it you anymore, LOL

Lol sweetie, he don't want no thirsty ass hoe whos threatening to take him away. Cause..
1. No guys are the same, just the guys YOU go after that treat you dirty are the same.
2. Why would you even want to disrespect someone elses relationship? It makes you look like a hoe, & it shows how pathetic you are cause you're unhappy & wanna try to make everyone else unhappy.
Grow up & find your own relationship. Marcus is taken.

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Marcus Gabriel Ruiz is no longer yours forever Monica. I'm going to steal him from you. All I have to do is softly stroke it one time and he'll be on his knees, whimpering for my hand to touch him again. So this whole 11/03/11 stops today 02/13/15. GOT IT?!

Lol try to touch him & see what happens. Trust that he wont "whimp" for you when hes already got me. So sit down & watch our relationship bloom & keep dreaming bout yours, cause that dream of yalls relationship is all your gonna have

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