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I'm sure that's not what she thinks, I've talked some sense into her... I'm just trying to help if you trust me on this and just say sorry she will forgive you

What do you mean you've talked sense into her?
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Why not say macie Im sorry i screwed up and made a wrong move at a wrong time but if we did belong wouldn't we be together today but i really like to be friends again sorry....

I don't know how I screwed up tho!

just try it, just text her sorry and nothing else and she will forgive you trust me I'm her best friend and she's way to kind... or are ok that she might hate you, you never know I until you try or ask

Trust me I've said sorry before this and she thinks she is too cool to be my friend anymore so let it be at that

try saying sorry and that's it just sorry and she will forgive and forget... that's what I do

I don't think sorry will work


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