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For your fashion I highly suggest going shopping with "cool" ppl. You really gotta get rid of that pink glasses... And your leggings or just pls for your sake cover up your ass... I feel bad for you cuz all the guys comment on your leggings and it's NOT positive..

You know what you should do. You should go fuck yourself because all you've been doing is bring me down. Like seriously, why don't you take the "advice" you're telling me & use it for YOU. You prolly need it.

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Or dude you could have sex with Bruce. Sex is actually a really good exercise. You'll get rid of that layers only couple of decades. And pls for your sake don't deny that you won't ever do Bruce we know you Heidi

LOL if you really knew me you know I wouldn't do it with him. Stop telling me this stuff. I'm not doing it & I won't until it's the right time okay wtf. I DON'T SEE BRUCE LIKE THAT EITHER -___-

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How about running? It's is like walking but FAST. Not the speed you walk normally but just imagine food waiting for you. I've seen it. Yea just imagine FOOD. You're really hungry like always and there is food 100ft ahead of you. That is running

I know what running is. Omg why tf are you telling me this? Just tell me straight up if you want me to lose weight or something sheesh. I'm fine with how I am okay? Don't interfere with my life & tell me the stupidest things ever

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