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it never means I'm better than you Manuel, but it hurts when many people including sweet people like you have many misconceptions about Islam and the Quran, and that's why I'm "just" offering you such small things may Allah clarify Islam's image in your heart. Atheism as well call for knowledge :)

I don't have misconceptions about Islam and the Quran, I'm friend with any muslim, as well as with any other religion, as long as they don't feel the need to show me that their religion is the right religion and better than another religion. Then it starts getting difficult. Imagine how peaceful and without wars the world would be, if there'd be no "my belief is right, your belief is wrong!".

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there's an Arabic idiom says, a man is an enemy of what he doesn't know. indeed we don't have to discuss, but you can search, and I'd like you to reflect when you know that this book is unchanged since it's revealed, plus nobody ever can produce a chapter like it. Google is for free(facts of Quran)

seriously, are you using to try to convert others? A science idion says, we like zo explore test and find out about the unknown, instead of believing something, just because someone says so. I don't need to google it, because I've studied religions deeply and thoroughly, more than you might think.

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hello! I'm not from Germany, I'd like to congrats you for winning the world's cup. i have a question.. I'm a Muslim from Bahrain , it's an Arabian country. I've heard that they used to teach Islamic studies in the primary schools in Germany, is that true sir? and I'd like to say that ur country..

Well no and yes :-) ... I'll do some research and will try to answer it soon in my channel. As far as I know, "religion" is taught in primary school, and those of a non-christian faith or atheists get either their religion or an alternative or, if there's not enough kids for that class, free. I might be totally wrong, though, school was long ago.
My personal opinion is, that religion shouldn't be taught in school, or at least should be taught from an objective standpoint. Not only the own faith, but the different faiths around the world. I mayself got "protestant" courses in classes one to four and was indoctrinated by their belief and believed it all, until I turned atheists. And it still bothers me, because I don't want to hear fairy tales in school, I want to hear facts. :-)

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