Ask @helpless_human:

How do you feel about people who refuse to own up to their mistakes?

//I'm actually the daughter of one of those people and it's fucking terrible. Guilt trips occur a lot and nothing is her fault...It's shitty.

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Whats the last movie you watched?

I actually prefer reading...

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How does HA as a group make you feel?

Honestly it's my home. But I've gotten so much hate from various people these past few months that I dread looking at the questions. I'm a very insecure person, and I take everything to heart. I'm emotionally invested in all of my characters. The hate was driving me to almost giving up my characters, but I talked to admins that told me to ignore them and such and it was rough. But I'm stronger now. You all are amazing people. This hate however needs to stop because it's out of control.

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Do you like taking risks?

My life has been rather full or risks lately.

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Are you a good bro/sis?

Probably not..

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Post an aesthetic for your top ship for your character.

#TaskTime! Post the people who like this a starter or or for plotting.

What is your worse nightmare?

Well I'd rather not go into details.

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#Jumpintocharacter: List ten random facts about your character.

1.) he doesn't trust people easily.
2.) He loves Bexley more than he has ever loved somebody
3.) Bexley is the first person he's come to love.
4.) he was Abused.
5.) He trusts Reagan, Bexley, and he once trusted Vera.
6.) He's dying.
7.) He tries to keep a positive attitude but has a morbid sense of humor.
8.) He has a twin.
9.) His favorite color is black.
10.) He is protective of his friends.

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Alternative Reality Aesthetics - bad becomes good, good becomes bad.

//I tried

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Do you have any siblings? Describe them and your relationships with them.

Well yes I have a twin brother. He's funny and I think we kind of have bonded? And we're more like acquaintances right now?

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How do you feel about your parents?

Which ones? The ones that gave me up? Or the ones that treated me like a slave?

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Outfit of the day?

Are you glad Harry finally left Clarissa?

Am I supposed to know these people?

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Don't you think Chloe and Louis would make a better couple?

I think you should mind your own business.

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Post a disney theme aesthetic.

//I'm done making aesthetics cause I'm terrible that's all.

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Post a sexualised aesthetic. { Your character + Another. }

//I tried. It's terrible and no they haven't slept together.

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OOC: do you have dimples?


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Post a disney couple theme aesthetic relating to you and your love interest.

//Well I don't know what fits Bexamon so someone send me a recommendation or who they are like and I'll delete this and make one!

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Post a happy aesthetic.

//Does this count? Ha I need to stop making aesthetics.

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Create an aesthetic for someone else and tag them.

//It's terrible. But @GlamorousButDeranged

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OOC: Do you have any tattoos? If not, do you want any?

I actually got one like a month or so ago.

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How often do you dream about sex?

Um...I have other dreams I'm more concerned with...

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Do you enjoy writing smut?

//I haven't wrote much of it, but I don't not enjoy it.

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