Ask @helpless_human:

How does HA as a group make you feel?

Honestly it's my home. But I've gotten so much hate from various people these past few months that I dread looking at the questions. I'm a very insecure person, and I take everything to heart. I'm emotionally invested in all of my characters. The hate was driving me to almost giving up my characters, but I talked to admins that told me to ignore them and such and it was rough. But I'm stronger now. You all are amazing people. This hate however needs to stop because it's out of control.

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#Jumpintocharacter: List ten random facts about your character.

1.) he doesn't trust people easily.
2.) He loves Bexley more than he has ever loved somebody
3.) Bexley is the first person he's come to love.
4.) he was Abused.
5.) He trusts Reagan, Bexley, and he once trusted Vera.
6.) He's dying.
7.) He tries to keep a positive attitude but has a morbid sense of humor.
8.) He has a twin.
9.) His favorite color is black.
10.) He is protective of his friends.

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