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Damon Washington
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Post a quote that relates to each of your characters ships.

"I want you today, tomorrow, next week, and for the rest of my life." -Bexamon (Please tell me I spelt that right.)

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What will you be wearing to the vow renewal? {Gold/Rose Gold/Pale Pink Themed.}

I don't know if I'm invited but, I'll allow my wife-to-be to pick out my outfit though, I'm sure she is better with fashion than I am.

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What will you wear to the vintage ball?

When is it?

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How would you describe your 'first time'?

Hasn't happened, not that that's any of your business.

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Not all of them are vampires.

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Should we make Spread The Positivity a regular thing? Like a series of positive anonymous messages to each other.

Absolutely! That's a genius idea!

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What were your thoughts about the loving anon?

We need more anons like that.

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give up, but don't.

Thank you so much, I needed to hear it. After debating dropping him, I won't. Thank you, you're a sweetheart and I adore you.

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lose all hope and give up. You can see that he still fights even if some days he doesn't always want to. I think his interactions with Bexley are incredibly touching, and their love is unique and adorable. Please keep it up. Keep developing him. Keep letting him inspire those who sometimes want to -

Damon is another of those character's who plays the risks of potentially come off as plain and boring. There's been so many times that people have played the sick and dying storyline's, but you've given it new light. You haven't made him totally okay with the situation, but you also haven't made -

Pap of you and someone you're close too.

Outfit of the day

hook up or Pass (girls.) Amanda, Annabelle , Millie , Jessamine , Avery , Ellie , Ceryes , Ainsley , Ariana (boys.) Rohan , Vincent , Noah , Landon , Chris , Roland , Jeremy , Colin , Dante.

Pass on all of them because they aren't my lovely fiancee.

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IC + OOC: How are you ?

Oh you know, in the process of figuring out how to not die, the usual.
//Haha don't ask that.

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Do you think Annabelle would risk her life for her family?

I think Annabelle does what she wishes. So maybe, the possibilities are endless.

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Category 4: Biggest Flirt Female.

I don't know. And pretty sure, Bex would kill me if I paid attention to those girls who do flirt.

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Category 3: Biggest Flirt Male.

Category 2: Prom Queen.

The only queen I enjoy the presence of and the only person I consider queen is my wife to be.

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Category 1: Prom King.

Everyone has been saying Vincent, so Vincent.

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How do you feel about your partners roommate? Do you like them? Hate them?

//Who is Bex's roommate?

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Have you ever been to a Prom before?

//He has few friends...

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What will you be wearing to Prom?


About Damon Washington:

❝Somebody call out to your brother, he’s calling out your name.❞
-Bexley's|-Human|-Henderson Asylum.