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Do you think you’re funny or witty? I think I’m hilarious tbh and I sometimes laugh at my own jokes 😳

I can be both most defiantly.

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What are your deal breakers in relationships?

Lack of personal hygiene.
And lack of motivation.

Would you allow human experiments on yourself in the name of science?

I would definitely consider it.

What would happen if the Borg from Star Trek were hit by real bullets?

If you watch the movie first contact… There is about a minute she will see exactly what happened to the board with real bullets.
Or at the very least holographic bullets with the safety turned off.
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Hey everyone, I hope you are well. 🦋 So.. here we go again. 🙄 I need you to check your shoutouts please, what shoutouts have you all received from my account today ? I'm receiving replies from questions that I didn't even send today.. so if you've been receiving double shoutouts, I apologise.

Don't worry!
You're definitely not alone! :-)

If you were hit by an arrow, would you go to the hospital or just pull it out yourself?

I guess that would depend exactly on where on my body I was hit.


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