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What type of student were you/are you at your school/university? (Studius, backbencher, average, naughty etc) 🎒

ManWithout1plan’s Profile PhotoManWithout1Plan
In my early years, I faced significant challenges, not only as a result of being born blind due to cancer but also due to undiagnosed severe ADHD, a consequence of radiation damage to my brain's neural receptors. This combination made learning and achieving goals disproportionately difficult compared to my peers.
Frequently, I was perceived by educators as underperforming or lacking effort, despite my awareness of the ease with which my classmates grasped concepts. This misinterpretation stemmed from a lack of understanding regarding the neurological basis of my difficulties.
Fortunately, after years of struggle, I connected with a neuropsychiatrist who actively listened to my experiences and insights regarding my cognitive processes. Through comprehensive testing, he was able to definitively diagnose the underlying cause of my struggles and prescribe a course of treatment that profoundly improved my cognitive function.
In retrospect, I deeply wish I had received this diagnosis and intervention much earlier in life. However, thanks to the expertise of this healthcare professional, I have since achieved academic success, developed musical proficiency, honed skills in application development and accessibility tools, and even earned a degree in automotive engineering. This journey underscores the transformative impact that accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment can have on an individual's life trajectory.

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Who would you rather be president in 2024 Biden or trump

Neither of them.
America needs someone younger and more spirited without nastiness or rhetoric

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Have you ever competed in a sport of any kind? ⚽🏋️🐎

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I played blind cricket for the Queensland Australia teem for about 10 years or so.
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Do you get excited when you find things that aren’t made in China? Nothing against things made in China but it’s so common. I see a “made in Japan” “made in Austria” or “made in England” and go Ohhhhh! My curiosity is instantly piqued

It means a great deal to me On a level that almost involves quantum particles.
Anything that's manufactured in brute force by Chinese has no spirit in the machine. But if it's made by the hand of the Japanese… Just like they make sushi it has the love of the person that put it together.
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Do you think your anonymous questions could be traced back to you simply by how you type?

I rarely post anonymously to be truthful.
Alas, I make a point, when I'm sharing me, either online or in person, of being nothing less than authentic and if I can't attach my name to a post or a question then I'm doing myself and everybody else in injustice
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What's the worst thing someone has ever said to you? My mum said that no man would ever want me because I can't clean what's he gonna do stare at your eyes?

VanessaDeFreitas575’s Profile Photoowo
A girl told me that she couldn't decide which part of me was more unappealing.
The fact that I was totally blind and she wouldn't want her friends to see me with her or in her opinion I raise the bar on ugliness.

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Do you think you could do 5 nights of stand-up for $5,000? (You have to do all 5 nights or no cash but each night is a half hour on stage. And the crowd will boo if it's bad)

ILoveYouJulieXoxo’s Profile PhotoVen
I used to do it on a fairly regular basis.
And it was rare to receive a boo from the crowd.
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Do you think there's more harassment and bullying on this app than other social media apps, due to people having the option to be anon?

Sadly I would have to say yes and furthermore… It's getting worse and worse every few months.
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If you were a teacher and had a magical school bus, where'd you choose to take your students? 🚍✨

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I would say a trip through the human body would be somewhat interesting? :-)
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Would you ever have children? 👶🍼

If I met the right woman who shares the same raising values as I do.


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