Ask @herkzz:

>why would i sub an anime i don't like? meant more like maybe a show you end up not liking halfway, do you drop it?

maybe if it was incredibly bad, but that hasn't happened in years. these days i'm pretty sure i'm going to like all the anime i sub since i check out the staff beforehand.

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do you have a script for the BD/TV changes?

i do it mostly manually if that's what you mean. i load the keyframes in avspmod so i can jump between scene changes (which you can keybind) and then just do this to make the difference really obvious:
Subtract(TV, BD).Levels(65, 1, 255-64, 0, 255, coring=false)
then i just take a screenshot of each video on that frame.
maybe someone smarter than me has made something more automated though.

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