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How did the PruCan shipping get started?I see it everywhere and I don't remember anything showing that Prussia and Canada even interacted with each other.

It's because Canada gave Prussia maple syrup during an April Fools event, and Prussia then gained a love for pancakes.

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I've decided to start up a project of my own and I've wondered, what can you tell me about the historical characters America interacted with during the Revolution? Preferably George Washington. Do you know where I can look for strips or more information?

As far as Hetalia goes, there are no specific historical figures that America is shown interacting with during the American Revolution. Washington was only mentioned once in text after a strip:
This page has a strip with a character some have theorized to be Washington, but there's no information confirming whether it is or not:
That's all I can offer.

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Is Prussia officially dying or is it fan speculation?

it is being constantly mentioned that Romania helped Bulgaria become a country? uhh where does it say this?

I've never heard of that in the series? I can't find anything mentioning that.

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Umm.. Why in Hetarchive's website in "Character list" isn't all nations? Like Luxembourg and Portugal...?

Sorry, I haven't had time to update the character list, so it's a bit outdated.

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Um, is the halloween 2013/14 event finished?

It is, but I've yet to fully sort the files with everything going on. Sorry if it's confusing;;

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I'm an aspiring webcomic artist looking for a site to host my comic. What site is hetarchive hosted on? The format is wonderful and would suit my needs and story. Please reply -aspiring Author-Chan

Hetarchive is mostly handcoded HTML along with a bit of CSS and PHP, so the host has little to do with anything. My roommate set up the design for the scanlations section, so I really don't think any of it will really be of use to you. If you really want to handcode a site, there's plenty of tutorials online. If you're looking for something that is better suited to webcomics that doesn't require buying your own hosting and building a site from scratch, you might want to check out a site like or
Or if you want to buy your own hosting but not work completely from scratch, WordPress has some webcomic plugins, and ComicPress is specifically for that. I hope this helps.

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Did the latest chapter, Hetalia World Stars chapter 54, confirm that Germany is in fact Germania's Son? Or are we still in the unknown?

Sorry for the super late reply... We have conflicting information basically. It seems to be leaning more towards Germany being Germania's son.

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lol i was scrolling through the questions and I noticed that little strip you drew with Romania :D It's actually really cute! >w<

lol Thank you. I'm glad someone enjoyed it.

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Will there be an Indonesia character???

That depends on Himaruya. I can't answer that question.

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Is HetaOni going to be continued????

Sorry to reply so super late!! I have no idea though. I haven't followed it in forever.

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I ve always wondering, does Himaruya knows anything about the Hetalia fangame "HetaOni". I think he once mentioned something about RomaHeta in earlier strips, and since hetaoni became very famous, i was wondering if he ever mentioned it too

I don't recall him mentioning anything about HetaOni.
The only fangame he's referenced as far as I know was Gloria Hetalia, which he did a little fanart for.

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Is there any date recorded when the christmas event 2011 was published? From what I understand, the pages aren't updated at the same time, but were they updated at the same day as well? If not, when was page 8 update?

The pages were updated sequentially over a number of days. It's a little difficult for me to give an exact time because of the time zone differences. The best I can suggest is to check the LJ Post links at the top of each page. They will at least give you a general time on when the sections were translated. Translations came out pretty fast during the event.

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Are Liechtenstein and Switzerland blood-related? Their last names arent the same,right?

It's more been expressed that Liechtenstein was adopted by Switzerland.
She never received a name when Switzerland was given a human name, so I can't say that the names mean anything.

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Is it true that France and Joan d' Arc had a love relationship? People often pair them romanticaly

They have never had a romantic relationship in canon, but France really seemed to admire how strong she was as a person.

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Is Davie a Character made by Himaruya just for THAT strip? Has Davie appeared before or after in another chapter?

Davie has only appeared in that one strip.

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Are Russia and Moldova good friends?

It doesn't seem like like their "good" friends, but Russia has some influence over Moldova.

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Is it true that Seborga is taller than Veneziano? making romano the shortest?

In World Stars Chapter 20, it was revealed that Romano is just a little bit shorter than Veneziano.

In a recent share of Seborga's height chart from The Beautiful World Cells book, Seborga is shown to be taller than Veneziano.

So as long as both materials agree with each other, that would indeed make Romano the shortest.

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Why the Ore-sama blog, was never update again?

Because it was a 2009 April Fool's event, so it was only updated for that one day.

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How do I really use the "scary story that happened at a countryside highschool" patch?

I'm sorry, I don't actually have the game, so I'm not really sure. I heard that the game Himaruya released at Comiket has a prompt for the user to download the patch though.

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In Japan's wiki entry, it said that he hates cockroaches to the extent where he would cry over them? Where does it mention that? O_o

Sorry for the late replay, I didn't have time to research this earlier.
Apparently it's from the oooold 2006 October blog entry, which I thankfully have a back up of. I asked one of the translators to go over it, and this is the full thing:

>>Hello, I really enjoy your work. There was a scene with Japan staring at a cat. Is Japan a cat person?
Japan likes both cats and dogs. (*´∀`*) He also likes watching birds.
He gets excited when he sees horsetail shoots and swallow nests which symbolize the arrival of spring.
He also likes to listen to the sound of insects. But he hates centipedes and cockroaches so much that he'd be in tears when he sees them.

The old blog entries are here, but they're still mostly in Japanese:

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Who translates the songs of Hetalia?

It has been various people over the years. I don't keep the song translations on the site since they're all on the wiki, so I don't have the credits for the original translators.

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Hi, i was wondering, in the mail form in the title part, we should write specifically what we want to know(e.g: I want to know something about this character) or we should just put a title like: "Question about this character" and then specify in the big box? This may sound dumb but im very insecure

I'm not sure. I usually put some closer to your second example. Something brief I guess. Whether that's the better way to go, I can't say. But I'm sure specifying the character can be helpful either way. Sorry I can't help much more. orz

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How can I get in contact with himaruya hidekaz so that I might request something for April Fool's?


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