I'm an aspiring webcomic artist looking for a site to host my comic. What site is hetarchive hosted on? The format is wonderful and would suit my needs and story. Please reply -aspiring Author-Chan

Hetarchive is mostly handcoded HTML along with a bit of CSS and PHP, so the host has little to do with anything. My roommate set up the design for the scanlations section, so I really don't think any of it will really be of use to you. If you really want to handcode a site, there's plenty of tutorials online. If you're looking for something that is better suited to webcomics that doesn't require buying your own hosting and building a site from scratch, you might want to check out a site like comicgenesis.com or smackjeeves.com
Or if you want to buy your own hosting but not work completely from scratch, WordPress has some webcomic plugins, and ComicPress is specifically for that. I hope this helps.

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