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In Japan's wiki entry, it said that he hates cockroaches to the extent where he would cry over them? Where does it mention that? O_o

Sorry for the late replay, I didn't have time to research this earlier.
Apparently it's from the oooold 2006 October blog entry, which I thankfully have a back up of. I asked one of the translators to go over it, and this is the full thing:
>>Hello, I really enjoy your work. There was a scene with Japan staring at a cat. Is Japan a cat person?
Japan likes both cats and dogs. (*´∀`*) He also likes watching birds.
He gets excited when he sees horsetail shoots and swallow nests which symbolize the arrival of spring.
He also likes to listen to the sound of insects. But he hates centipedes and cockroaches so much that he'd be in tears when he sees them.
The old blog entries are here, but they're still mostly in Japanese:

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Why dont you make more episodes and manga with romania?

Okay, but you asked for it.

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How can I request Himaruya to draw Scotland?/Can you tell Himaruya to draw more of Scotland? Sorry for disturbing!! >//<

I have this answered in my FAQs ( )
Though I will say Himaruya seems to have plans to draw England's brothers sometime within the new World Stars series, it doesn't seem like he's ready to introduce them just yet, (as mentioned here ), so you're probably going to have to wait for a while longer.

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Good day~ I was wondering if you could tell me which Hetalia mangas have been translated into English and where I might find them? Thank you for your time and keeping the community udpdated!

All six volumes have been translated into English and are available for purchase through
If you're looking for scanlations, you can find some on the hetavols tumblr blog, but not all of them are completely translated.

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Is there and official design for Portugal ?

He had been doing rough sketches of Portugal for a while, but it seems he may have finally decided on one. Here's the Portugal tag on the blog mirror: The one at the top is most likely the design Himaruya is going with.

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Hi! On events, such as the christmas events, people usually send Himaruya requests, right? Do they just contact him with this link?

Your question had an odd link, so I removed it. I'm guessing you copy/pasted the wrong link?
It's this link:
And this is the guide on how to use it:

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Hello! I heard that in nyotalia, japan is actually in love with that true??

No. This sounds like some confusion with a character note that states that female Japan longs for/admires the West a bit.

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can you give himaruya requests?

You can send him requests. Follow this tutorial:

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is the full script for hetalia fantasia 3 translated? if so, where can i find it?

Yes, you can find it on my site here:

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are there hetalia fantasia strips?

No, there are not. Hetalia Fantasia was an audio drama series. Himaruya did post an extra Fantasia related script on his blog though.

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It's Hima's birthday? That's great to know, but how do we know it? When did he mention his birthday? Or was it mentioned in some article about him?

I don't recall where it was originally mentioned, but he's thanked people for sending him messages for his birthday before, so I don't doubt the information.
May 8, 2008:
May 8, 2009:
May 8, 2010:
May 9, 2011:

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In the birz strips, how do you get that white outline around all the text when you scanlate them to english? A do you if there are German scanlations available?

It's a layer effect that can be applied in Photoshop called "stroke". It allows you to add a border around the edges of a layer. You can alter the color, size and opacity of the border, it's pretty useful to help make text legible.
As for German scanlations, I'm afraid I don't know of any. But if anyone else does, please let me know!

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