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Hrk...Im just exploring these places are pretty neat.Kinda lame though.I've only really stumble across tame AU's though I've heard rumors of some really scary places.

SkrixWraHybrid’s Profile PhotoNix
Well yeah, I mean there are many where you'd be literally eaten alive
Or just killed on the spot because it's fun to the crazies there

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What are you talking about-*violent puking lol*

SkrixWraHybrid’s Profile PhotoNix
*Ink just starts snickering*
Told you, but no seriously go see a doctor when you get home. So what brings you to the Doodlesphere

I uhhh...Don't know I kinda got lost while using my Dad's teleportation device..It's not very predictable where it goes in a place it wasnt designed to go to.. I'm surprised you arent screaming right now...Most freak out when I attack them like that...

SkrixWraHybrid’s Profile PhotoNix
Well I've had worse happen, I mean all you did was bite me, miiiiight want to see a doctor about that, you just poisoned yourself. You'll start vomiting violently in about 30 seconds
*he seems to be timing it*

Hrk!*yup very nasty he starts spitting violently trying to get any trace out of his mouth*Ugh gross what are you made of !?*Nix growls at him*

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Ink, that also happens to be my name by the way, how'd you even get here? I mean this isn't an AU, this is more like the gap between AUs, normally you can't get here. Though I have no idea how it works for codeless to be honest

Oh this place isnt completely deserted.. *he rushes over to Ink* Oh a new chew toy!~ *he bites Ink though he's in for a nasty surprise *

SkrixWraHybrid’s Profile PhotoNix
*His mouth is filled with ink, it tastes disgusting, and might be mildly toxic*
Hey, ow can you please not!?

*The small alien is seen near by looking for someone to torment/scare*

SkrixWraHybrid’s Profile PhotoNix
. . .
You're really looking around a bunch of floating islands in the sky for someone to bother?
*Ink, 4th wall*

Hehe. I wish I was soulless like you Ink.I care too much it just gets me hurt . Was I in the wrong for having Toxintale erased? Sure it was to protect others but I let myself live even though I'm probably the most dangerous monster from there..

ToxinTale’s Profile PhotoAllura
*Ink shrugs*
I think we can categorically agree that I am not a good judge of the right thing vs the wrong thing to do

I err.Well. Why do monsters still like you? What's your secret. You did something terrible but monsters forgive you. Why?

ToxinTale’s Profile PhotoAllura
A lot of people don't get too mad at me because I'm Soulless and I don't have the same morals as normal monsters do. There's also the fact that because of the Truce, I was fading out of existence, creators kept giving up and I was just less and less. Finally I'm making amends for what I did.
*basing that on end of 0.7 part 1 where Ink's going to go after Cross to help him face XGaster*

I er.. Need to grab the kids for Geno. And I wanted to ask you something.

ToxinTale’s Profile PhotoAllura
Oh right the kids, gimme a sec!
*He vanishes back into the ink before returning pulling all the Afterdeath kids with him, he hops out of the puddle so no one can accidentally fall into the doodlesphere*
Ask me something? I feel like I should inform you I am probably not qualified to answer anything about anything

*she pours a bottle of Ink onto the ground since it's the easiest way to find Ink * Hey Ink buddy can we talk?

ToxinTale’s Profile PhotoAllura
*he does materialize out of the ink*
Oh heya Allura, talk about what?
she pours a bottle of Ink onto the ground since its the easiest way to find Ink


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