Ask @heyanjj:

Onti ng followers mo sa ig? Why do you even try?

Uhm it's my account and I can express myself however I want? I post because I love photography - mine or someone else's photo of me. Also if it really matters, I have real followers who I value because I also appreciate their art, not spam followers. Lastly, unfollow me instead of being such an ass because my instagram bothers you lol

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Where do you shop the most?

Actually, I haven't really shopped for so long, I think the last time I bought a piece of clothing for myself was November or December. :)) But in the past, I usually shopped at H&M because that's all I could afford at that time. I also shop at a secret store where I get some incredible finds for really low prices :)) But now I haven't and I don't really plan on shopping for clothes any time soon #studentproblems

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