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What makes someone attractive?

they have brown or dirty blonde skater hair, they know how to treat a girl, they aren't a douche, WILL ACTUALLY LIKE ME, that are hot, that will come to football games with me.
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Who's the bitch that thinks I need to shut up. If you wanna say shit come off anon and onto MY account ad we can talk like big kids. You don't have to like me I don't fucking care but at least have enough respect for yourself to come off anon. Kay thanks. And thank you gabby.

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No prob. Anon vaginas. -.-
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whats wrong with society?

Society: Are you under 100lbs?
Girl: No but I'm happy.
Society: Is your hair down to your bum?
Girl: No but I'm happy
Society: Do you have huge boobs?
Girl: No but...
Society: Do you have a perfect smile?
Girl: No.
Society: Do you realise how ugly you are? Do you know that no one wants you?
Society: Wait, where'd you go?
Society: You committed suicide?
Society: Omg no, you were so beautiful and special and loved!! You will be missed so much!
Unless you're perfect nobody cares about you until you're dead. You realise how much you miss them when
they're gone.
Attempted Suicide: 'Attention Seeker'
Successful Suicide: You were beautiful., Pretty, Loved. Now you're gone.
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I've only talked to you a few times last, you were very nice and I thought you were funny especially in 1st and 3rd period-Alexis W

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