Litty. It may be weird but could I take you out on a movie date? Cuz you secute 😊

hmmm, idk maybe

Okay lol. Lmk cutie pie 🥰

Real question is, how old are you?

Wow. Such a baby. Oh wait! You're my baby lmfao. Jk

Am I a baby?

Idk. Are you?

hmm, well switch the letters around. my name is “Abby” 🥳

You're cute but I don't think I could vibe with you. I feel like you take things a bit too seriously.... lol

pfft, it’s all good. I mean, we’re all different on the internet right 👀

Ouu you right. Maybe that's why I have to meet you in person 👀👀👀

maybe, just maybe

Why maybe?

Well you’re like a complete stranger, I don’t really know anything about you besides that you’re 20 and you live in Minneapolis

Yeah... that's why we meet in a public place.

What’s your name, first of all hahA

You could all me daddy lol

we’ll see 😂 but like fr, what’s your name?

Haha thanks lol. Were else could I get to know you? Don't want people to see our conversation lol

Instagram: abigail.vng
Twitter: abigail_vang

Ouch. I have none of that. I'll make a Twitter tho lol. Hold up

Haha okay, just let me know when you make one

I followed you lol

just message me, I’m not getting any notifs