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Should str*ght people attend Pride?

Anyone can, regardless of whether they're a part of the community or just showing their support

I’m having pizza for dinner. What’s everyone else having for it? Or plan on eating depending on the time where you are?

I haven't eaten yet, still deciding on what to get

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this girl said to me that she thinks my new glasses look funny and i said to her that ain't as funny as her dad leaving her. lol 😈 dont mess with me

Was your ego so badly hurt when she said that that you had to make it personal?..

Would you like that your life be forever

Makasimu’s Profile PhotoСум
No cuz there’s still gonna be bad & suffering in the world. I don’t want to live forever in a world like that

Not really a question but I feel happy that finally now I don't smoke or vape or take any addictive substances

Johndalt0n’s Profile PhotoJohndalt0n
That’s good to hear, hope it stays like that

soemone pls pay for my shein order😔😔 it’s like £60

Why don’t u try using ur own money if u have some but if u really need it, u should be asking either ur parents or someone u know well enough to pay, not random strangers on the internet. The internet isn’t a safe place

i have an assignment due tomorrow and i havent even started it. am i cooked?

No, u can still choose to do it right now or not do it at all in which case, ur defo cooked.

It's my grandmother's birthday today, she is 70❤️

Happy birthday to your grandmother, hope she has a good one 💕

Apart from an allergic reaction, what's the worst reaction/side effect you've ever experienced from a medication?

Emmagine_This’s Profile PhotoEmmagine_This
When I started taking an antipsychotic once, my whole body immediately became stiff and I couldn’t move at all. Probs the worst 😖
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