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thoughts on me <3

ChrystalMartin6’s Profile PhotoChrystal Martin
Well idk where to start... You are the single most beautiful girl in all the world I could travel to anywhere u name and never have my heart as completely melted by a smile then if I were to just see you... Your smile... Your smile omg your smile I will never fully understand how something can be so beautiful as your smile... Your eyes I could just argh look into them forever... Not a day goes by were im not in awe of the perfection that is you and not a day goes by were I pinch myself to make sure im awake and that u are actually mine and that the nearly 8 months that we have been together weren't just the most amazing dream... You are the most amazing girl I have ever met and ever will meet you are my one and only forever and always and even longer then that because theres no other girl for me there never will be and im happy about that I don't want anyone else I only want you and you alone... one day we will marry one day we will have beautiful kids one day we will watch our kids grow old together <3 we are forever us is eternal and I couldn't be happy... Im also so unbelievably happy it never worked out with anyone else because now I have the most wonderful girl and I love you with all my heart body and soul and I will always love you <3

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