Ask @himehorn:

Can a defective horn mother that still lays healthy eggs on a routine basis be all that defective?

If she's the kind that you can't see the defective parts and all her eggs hatch and grow up to be happy healthy horns? Then nothing... there's no way to tell that those sorts are defective until it's too late. Maybe she or one of hers suddenly goes crazy and hurts everyone. Maybe they get sick really easily and then a plague wipes out most of the Herd.
Getting rid of defectives isn't just about not having room and resources for those who can't contribute. It's about protecting the Herd too.

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Defectivehorn keeper here. To your knowledge, has there been any time when two smallhorns been hatched from a single egg? If so, what generally happens if that does occur?

That's pretty rare; the eggs are usually kind of weird shaped and they don't usually make it to hatching.
They can though, and they can be healthy, happy horns. But it's really rare to make one and rare again that it hatches and rare again that both are alive and okay and happy.

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Loveball is a good Horn and not defective. How do you decide who is defective?

Well it might be something easy to see. Way too many horn, arms or legs too big or too small. Or other pretty gross stuff you don't want to know about. Defectives aren't just she has an extra horn or not enough fingers. That's just what mean nohorns tell you so that you'll help them be mean.
Then there's stuff that you can't see. That's a lot harder; but as long as she's not dangerous and is contributing to the Herd then she's probably not going to be sent out. Being weird isn't really cause on it's own. We keep banehorn around and she's super weird.

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Uno reigned Speakeasy in, but how hard is it to calm a musclehorn down after a fight? Do musclehorns easily leap at a chance to fight if they see a challenge? Or are they more passive when not out on a hunt? Is there a chance me or my wife can calm one of them down by ourselves?

I think I lost the first part of this where it says that she fought a boar.
They'll calm down eventually on their own if you don't have a haremhorn handy. They don't so much leap at the chance for a fight more competition? Or they'll move big heavy things just because they're there.

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