Ask @hirakh200:


I miss the time when I meant something to you.Or maybe it was my illusion
Maybe it was me who just drowned myself in that ocean of happiness.
But now I'm sinking in it..
Now this happiness is turning into numbness I dunno how to feel
I still love you I'm still attached to you them same way..I know it's all my mistake you never forced me to love you.. But maybe in the start I really meant something for you? A good friend? :') But now I feel like I'm nothing for you..Our old chats make me crave for your soul more and more
I'm still in love with your smile the same way..
I'm still attached to you..
Maybe you created those distances so that you can introduce someone special in your life.Maybe she's your love of life..
I'll be at the edge don't you worry okay?
Maybe you won't even read it...
But I still love you the same way🥀

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