Ask @hirarira:

o i meant what about hikusa as art inspiration what about her?

ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well ok sure. a lot of people tell about how they like her lines or how her colors are smooth and vibrant, which ye i agree. but i also like how fast she draws and the way she comes up with ideas for poses and comics, the little interactions and details. her lines are great and flow-y but i also like how sometimes they're sketch-y or wibble-wobbly and it fits the answer she gives you. and her colors even though they are smooth, it was a.. creaminess to them, like a weight that fills the lines and makes the draws a whole thing. she probably needs to work on backgrounds but well... everyone sucks at those and is too lazy to come up with them and that's ok. lol

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Who is your main artist inspiration?

uh anyone i've ever met, seen their works and liked?? i mean i don't really have a main inspiration since i take ideas and thoughts from everyone i've ever looked at. man people should be more specific like super specific so I can talk about those things easier instead of just generally.

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If your muse(s) could do anything else apart from singing or being a vocaloid, what would it be?

miku would probably love doing charity work or working with kids. poiyo would be ok being like a family candy shop owner (so he can do little work and take naps). roro isn't even vocaloid or singer but you can already see what kind of work he does in uramanbou's videos lol. so odd-jobs, hero, archaeologist... but really he'd be like an actor because of all the roles he plays wow.

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How did you discover Vocaloid?

a long time ago when i think rin and len were out? i dont remember really but it was youtubes fault because i happened to glimpse a nnd video on the sidebar back then and it was showing the scrolling comments feature nnd is famous for and boy howdy them yellow comments man!! SO MAGICAL!!!!!!!!! but also frick my ears why are these singers???/ so high pitched and screechy my ears crying noises it was miku rin len on festival of some kind idk they were awful HOW DID I GET INTO VOCALOID AGAIN

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If your muse confessed their love to YOU (and was completely serious, so laughing it off is not an option) what would you do?

i think they would already know i couldn't answer them back (SINCE I HAVE A BOYFRIEND) and if they're just confessing to get it off their chest welp *shrugs but patpats them* thats tough, im sorry you had that burden all along. this relationship is definitely gonna change now but i hope you feel better and find the real person that's right for you.

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