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How have you been keeping busy during quarantine?(:

We had a discussion in quarantine about why engineering students specially UET students enjoy much more sincere friendships compared to medical students. Engineering friendships in general last longer, suffer from less professional jealousy, come with mutual support and so on.
On the contrary, though they still exist, medical friendships in general come with a taste of envy, competition, distrust and insecurity
One of our friend hypothesised that because med classrooms have a greater balance of gender; with more fertile girls in their classrooms, the guys yield to their instincts and compete against each other for the ladies, giving them less incentives to form truly constructive relationships with their male friends. Opposed to the pack pshche the engineering students develop in their barren environment, a med students are focussed more on their individual success and miss out on the dependable and long lastint bromances.
Your thoughts?

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Hiii! 🌻 Stay safe!🌸 Okay? Bye✨

Jairi :)
1. dry cough + sneeze = Air pollution
2. cough + mucus + sneeze + runny nose = Common cold
3. Cough + mucus + sneeze + runny nose + body ache + weakness + light fever = Flu
4. Dry cough + sneeze + body pain + weakness + high fever + difficulty breathing = Corona Virus
Pathology department AIIMS, Delhi
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A moment to share... 💫

- Last Sunset 😥
In Wuhan, China, at sunset, a doctor called Dr. Liu Kai releasing a patient with a Coronavirus (COVID-19), in order to fulfill his wish to see the sunset of Wuhan for the last time ... the picture was published in several newspapers around the world under the name "last sunset" ⛅😥

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kuch kehna hai? 🤭

تیرے گالوں پہ جو گہرا سا بھنور پڑتا ہے
دیکھنے والوں پہ اس کا جو اثر پڑتا ہے
آپ کو بھول تو سکتا ہوں مگر کیا کیجئے
میرے رستے میں جو سرکار کا گھر پڑتا ہے
یاد رکھتا ہوں تجھے نام نہیں لیتا میں
نام لیتا ہوں تو بچوں پہ اثر پڑتا ہے
مَیں ہوں خاموش کہ اب لوگ کہیں یہ نہ
کیوں فرشتوں کی لڑائی میں بشر پڑتا ہے ۔

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