Ask @hnshxx_:

Ceritalah tentang diriku seikhlas hatimu 😊

First of all , honestly i jealous bila u dgn aisyah but then i think why should i when ure way more better than me ? (never gonna let this happen again) Next , i wish to be a genious like u !!! Kind-hearted opkos , pious , cool , has no haters , get along with everybody so well πŸ‘ and i hope to be one of ur bestfriend even not by eyes but in ur heart ❀

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Describe me 😏

Hai mayai 😘 u all penggeli , pelik , mata u besar kalau u besarkan , muaz's (sorrylah sampai sini je gosip kau aku tahu) i miss u , u miss me , i love u , u love me , i love to be friend with u and i know u too . I wish to have a friend like u rn . Seriously i miss being with razians . I do miss u all . Im a loner 😒 help me

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