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All I know is what I felt for you was real and the way you felt about me was real. We both played a game with a rare special love. Now what? It's your move come home

Where’s home please tell me bc I’ve been searching for home my entire life.

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What if you could go back in time, and take all those hours of pain and darkness and replace them with something better?

I wouldn’t go back in time I have learned from every bit of pain and darkness

Would you give your daughter up for adoption and keep your son?

Wouldn’t give any of my children up.

Do you realize how you will be looked and judgement if you did that….must like that goodnight sleeps while they did what they did lmao 🤣

Do you realize I have your IP address and know who you are

How does one get rid of a stalkerish abusive ex who won't just leave you alone?

Put cameras up, and arm yourself.

I would message you but, you know you tried to label me as a stalker. When your the one who keeps leading me on.

A stalker ? Who are you lol I don’t label anyone nor do I judge anyone.


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