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Holly Adams
I have a feeling I might get people asking why I haven't been on but I haven't posted on insta but ive been commenting and liking on your posts....... but I needed a break a big break bc of all this harassment its c r a z y. and it needs to stop.

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Ryan kelley won't have his license for 5 years, when can you get yours?

I already have it for 4 years.... shoulda had it 3 but I got a hardship license...

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The worst part about sending people a joke on here is if they're too young it flies right over their head and they take it literal 🙃

ikr they do..... did I do that if I did I'm so sorry I haven't been on in a while

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She answers my question and said she reposted a picture that Zac Effron posted with her in it on her personal Instagram and it’s there!

ok it really doesn't apply to me lol

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Do you believe that @brookelukehart has been in 2 movies? She claims she is but I don’t know what to believe.

ok so I did a lil bit of AskFm stalking haha and I looked up the cast for Baywatch and she is not listed but she could've just been an extra that is also goes along with MFD

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It's the birthday of iPhone! Have you ever owned one?

I've basically had one ever since the 5 came out... but I have the 8 now

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